Dr. Alicia McCubbins (formerly Birr)

Dr. Alicia McCubbinsIs a licensed naturopathic physician who was born and raised in Wisconsin. Dr. McCubbins has always had an attraction to food and the simplicity of life. Her interest in health studies began at an early age with a dedication to athletics where she realized that nourishment, movement and passion are necessities for an optimal well-being.

While completing her undergraduate bachelor’s degree in dietetics and nutrition at the University of Wisconsin- Madison, Dr. McCubbins grew to understand that food is medicine. But her calling was not solely in nutrition counseling. She had been on a journey to find whole wellness and knew that this was just one piece of the puzzle. Dr. McCubbins continued onto medical school at the National College of Natural Medicine where she received honors in research, looking for answers. Her holistic health search is not only a personal journey, but one to seek information that can be shared with those who also desire optimal wellness.

alicia family

Dr. Alicia’s focus on sustaining optimal health has always been seeking BALANCE. She finds this easy living in Quilcene, WA with her husband Kris and 5-month-old son Archer. Together they share many interests including competitive archery, hiking, mushroom hunting, rock hounding, camping, gardening, tending chickens, and harvesting seafood from the Puget Sound.


Dr. Alicia’s Approach

Dr. Alicia’s treatment recommendations are highly individualized to each patient’s needs. Some of the therapeutic approaches utilized include:

• Nutritional medicine
• Detoxification protocols
• Botanical Medicine (traditional western and anthroposophical philosophies)
• Homeopathy
• Biotherapeutic Drainage
• Craniosacral therapy
• Lifestyle and diet counseling
• Conventional Pharmaceuticals (prescribed only when necessary)

  • My sense of optimal health includes bountiful energy, restful sleep, balanced moods, mental clarity, and appropriate reaction to stress as well as minimal symptoms of dis-ease. Naturopathic medicine should be empowering, and I hope to share my joy of investigation with you in your efforts to feel your best!–Dr. Alicia McCubbins