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Lobby of Prosper Bodyworks.

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Prosper Bodyworks is a yoga and movement studio designed to support your journey towards optimum wellness.  Our goal is to provide you with a safe, positive atmosphere to enable healing and growth through movement.  We offer a wide range of classes designed for beginners through advanced practitioners.  We have classes appropriate for all ages and abilities.  We are one of the only studios on the peninsula to offer hot yoga and warm therapeutic classes.  We also offer a full complement of non-heated yoga and movement classes.

Prosper Bodyworks is a complementary extension of Prosper Natural Health Wellness Center and Natural Apothecary.  Our unique studio has comfortable eco-friendly, cork flooring designed specifically for movement classes.  We invite you to visit our chemical and fragrance-free studio to experience the full range of benefits yoga and other movement modalities can offer to improve your health and enrich your life.