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Anna Snow

Studio Manager and Teacher

Originally from a small coastal town in Maine. Anna Snow moved to Port Townsend on her bicycle while discovering the beautiful West Coast. Anna has been practicing yoga and dance for thirteen years.
Anna has recently discovered her passion to promote health and fitness for people who wish to pursue a stronger more flexible body. She has an amiable, patient personality and will cater to the needs of her clients. She strives to make her students time fun, relaxed, and productive. Anna likes to teach mindfulness and body awareness through self discovery.
In her spare time she is a Reiki and Crystal Healer, as well as an Artist and practicing Alchemist. Anna makes homemade all natural and 100% organic beauty products and sells merchandise under Quartz Vein at Prosper Bodyworks.

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Jacquie Hansen

Jacquie fosters sense of wonder and curiosity for the natural world and how our bodies can be full of vitality. This drive is what prompted her to become a Reiki Practitioner/Teacher and to not one, but two, 200-hour Yoga Trainings and Vedic Thai Yoga Therapy trainings as well. This allowed for a deeper understanding of yoga philosophy and it’s adaptive and theraputic effects. She has taught many styles of yoga in the last 7 years and has become proficient at teaching most bodies and age groups. Jacquie insists the most gratifying feedback is seeing bright shiny faces after Savasana. She also enjoys being close to nature by going for walks or gardening and also makes herbal salves.


Tam Andrews

My path with yoga began in South Africa in 2001, I had a truly wonderful teacher who inspired me with her passion for Iyengar Hatha Yoga. Its through Iyengar that I really began to reconnect with myself and who I am, creating a firm foundation from where I’ve continued to explore, transform, let go & embrace all that its shown to me on the mat! My yoga journey expanded when I relocated to the UK and discovered Hot Yoga, a completely different animal! It presented a whole other level of opportunity to reconnect to myself, through discipline, hard work and a lot of sweat!

My vision is to hold space to allow others to reconnect with themselves, the natural world and to others. Through the practice of yoga asana, we begin to connect with our bodies on a deeper level, helping to stimulate balance and promote health & well being. The use of the breath with pranayama, teaches us patience, helping to quieten our busy minds and creating space within ourselves for acceptance and growth. As a teacher & guide, I hope to help others along their path of reconnection and transformation. 

A beautiful quote from Amy Jirsa “ Yoga is the dance between the light and the dark within you. The light is what brings you back to the mat and the darkness is what you uncover there. Don’t be afraid of the darkness, these are only shadows and though you’ll have to walk down some pretty dark alleys. Remember you are grounded in the light and that light will set you free.”


Andrea Davis

Teacher, LMT

Andrea holds a bachelors degree in Environmental Toxicology, with significant training in human anatomy, physiology, and pathology. Andrea’s massage training from McKinnon School of Massage in California (1996) and East West School of Massage in Oregon(2011) includes coursework in Swedish, Myofacial release, CranialSacral therapy, and Deep Tissue massage techniques. Post graduate study includes 3 years of Postural study and Watsu coursework. Together these modalities can provide positive, permanent life changes. Each session is individually tailored, gentle, and yet transformative. Andrea also specializes in treating common feet issues including bunions and plantar fasciosis.

Teaching self-care through awareness of habitual and corrective body mechanics, each massage or posture session teaches posture for daily activities, and provides nerve and muscle stimulation, relaxation, increased circulation, pain reduction, and improved joint mobilization.

Andrea was drawn to bodywork as a result of the profound healing experienced through massage and movement therapy in recovering from 15 years of disability.

Individual and group appointments: or 360-683-4081


Susanne Skadron

Teacher, Voice Coach

Susanne has integrated her background in voice and piano teaching, bodywork, postural training, Tai Chi and Chi Kung (Qigong) to develop her Sound Qigong method. She graduated from the University Of California Irvine with a music degree in 1986, and has sung and played piano professionally as well as taught music for 25 years.
While in California, Susanne was certified as a massage therapist. She expanded her studies in healing modalities to include Shiatsu. Working privately and in chiropractic offices she explored the benefits of sound healing. She would tone into areas of discomfort in clients while encouraging them to enter the discomfort and “let it have a voice”. Clients would let out “release sounds” which alleviated their discomfort. During this time Susanne also began her studies into chi kung (qigong)and yoga.
Susanne move to Palo Alto in the mid-1990’s and studied with Jean Couch at the Balance Center intensively, learning postural healing work which has helped many people who had back, knee, shoulder and joint problems. These studies helped Susanne immensely and they are incorporated into her qigong teaching so that students are in better alignment to gain the benefits of the exercises.

In 2002, Susanne moved to Port Townsend and became disabled with a severe depression and anxiety illness. Having undergone harsh medical treatments which were not beneficial, Susanne began her studies with Michael Gilman in Tai Chi Ch’uan, and studied Qigong with many teachers. At this time she began developing Sound Qigong, finding that vocal toning combined with diaphragmatic breathing and various Qigong practices was amazingly beneficial, improving physical energy and well being as well as bringing peace to the mind and healing for the brain and nervous system.

Susanne is certified to teach Qigong through Michael Gilman and the International Center for the Healing arts.
She is very happy to be sharing her expertise in traditional Qigongs and Sound Qigong with others, so that they may reap the enormous benefits of this work. Please see the class description for more information.


Sophia Petricola

Teacher, Thai Yoga Teacher

Sophia’s yoga practice began at 16 while traveling through Nepal. Healing from years of anxiety and a destructive body image, yoga helped her feel at home and powerful in her own body.  Almost immediately she integrated a daily practice into her routine, first memorizing sequences from YouTube videos, then creating her own.  At the age of 18 she completed her 200 hour Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training with Frog Lotus Yoga in Massachusetts.  Sophia strives to create accessible classes for students of every experience, hat size, and home planet.  She focuses on structural anatomy and breath work so her students can create their own sustainable practices that will heal them for years to come.  But her utmost goal is to create a safe space for students to explore their own strength and to love the skin they’re in.  Off the mat, Sophia can be found camping, hiking, sea kayaking, or holding a cat.  She works on a local farm and at their Port Townsend farmers market.  She is a Food Literacy Educator, a Leave No Trace Master Educator, a Wilderness First Responder, trained in Thai Yoga  and is currently training to become a Doula.

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Helen Pelton

Teacher, LMT, GCFP

Helen is devoted to the exploration of human perception and expression through dance/movement studies, the healing arts, meditation, comparative religion and cross-cultural studies. Engaged in Somatic Education for over 30 years, Helen has taught the human sciences, movement studies, dance and creative process in universities, professional massage programs, international festivals and regional communities. Helen is a Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner® (2010), and a licensed massage therapist (1995), with extensive training in cranial-sacral and fascial techniques. She sees private clients in her Port Townsend, WA office.

A Moving Life: at 260-297-7862 or visit


Cameron Jones


I approach the practice of Yoga with sincerity rather than seriousness. I find this approach helps create an atmosphere in which practitioners of all levels feel comfortable and at ease in exploring the link between body and mind as you move through and sit with yourself in the asanas. As a healing art, Yoga is an invaluable tool for not only realigning and readjusting our physical bodies to their naturally healthy state, but is also as a medium for the cultivation of self-love necessary to returning balance to our emotional and mental bodies that are, in today’s society, often stuck in hyper-anxious states of being.

When i’m not in the yoga studio, I work with the developmentally disabled in our local community or am in my family garden. I also am a permaculture designer and spend as much time in nature as possible learning from her and returning to the natural rhythms of our local environment.


Vanessa Wade


Inspired by her initial experience of yoga while studying abroad, Vanessa began her yogic journey by practicing Purna yoga in Seattle. She then continued to learn by delving into Iyengar, Hatha and Vinyasa practices. In the spring of 2016, Vanessa successfully completed her Vinyasa-based Yoga Teacher Training under the mentorship of Gerhard Gessner, E-RYT, founder of Prana Yoga Center in La Jolla, CA. Shortly thereafter, she continued her yogic education by completing Prana’s Restorative Teacher Training, led by Shauna MacKay, 500-RYT.

Vanessa’s teaching style is mindful, gentle and alignment-based. She strives to make every person feel nurtured and appreciated. Her hope is that students will leave her class with a sense of calm, inner strength and renewed dedication to their own journey. Off the mat, Vanessa can be found at the beach, or, on a hike with her husband, planning their next camping trip, or baking something delicious in the kitchen.

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Gina Johnston


Gina, born and raised in Romania, moved to the US in 1999. She has always been interested in fitness from her childhood gymnastics to the volleyball of her college years, Gina’s enthusiasm was contagious. Now her passionate way of teaching is very inspiring to her students. Gina is a certified Pilates instructor, following the traditional methodology. She is an engineer by training but greatly enjoys working both with people and for people. Her focus is on being professional and likable as well as trustworthy with a strong sense of customer service.


Laura Cook

Substitute Teacher

Laura has been practicing yoga for over ten years.  She originally came to yoga to heal from a knee injury. Though she had always been physically active, she had never found anything as physically, mentally and emotionally challenging, or rewarding, as yoga. It renewed a deep respect for the human body and instilled a connection between mind, body and spirit. Inspired to help others feel the same, she pursued her teaching certification in Denver, CO. Laura enjoys sharing yoga with anyone who is willing to open their hearts and dive into self-discovery.  She hopes to help her students find contentment, peace and non-judgment on their yoga mats as well as in their lives. Off the mat, Laura enjoys hiking, biking, kayaking and exploring the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

Ashley Rahll practicing yoga

Ashley Rahll

Substitute Teacher

Ashley first discovered the joys of yoga at the age of 20, but it would be another ten years before she fully embraced her practice and developed an acute desire to make yoga an integral part of daily life. Both on and off the mat, her yoga keeps her calm, energized, balanced, happy and healthy.

She enjoys practicing a variety of styles, but has always had an affinity for the heat. In 2011 Ashley trained with Evolation Yoga of Santa Barbara, CA, and Hot House Yoga of Missoula, MT, to teach hot yoga classes that are fully accessible to every body, regardless of age or ability. Unlike a typical hot yoga class, her teaching emphasizes breath, alignment, mindfulness, and compassion as key elements in connecting with one’s Self and experiencing the many transformational benefits yoga has to offer. She is passionate about sharing these healing rewards with her students and is honored to guide you through your own practice.

Ashley came to Port Townsend recently and has enjoyed integrating into the community here. When not spending time practicing, she is blessed and busy with her thriving young daughter and wonderful husband. She looks forward to seeing you on the mat!


Shayann Hoffer

Substitute Teacher

I provide professional yoga instruction with an emphasis on body alignment and breath. Pranayama combined with postures in a vinyasa like flow targeting specific restorative elements.

Some of the common benefits students experience are:

  • Increased flexibility
  • Increased strength
  • Improved posture
  • Better concentration & Self- Awareness

I invite you to contact me today and experience for yourself the benefits yoga.

Love & Light